12 Life Values

Geometry of 12

Life Values are intrinsic values, meaning that they have ‘value on their own’
and are ‘ends-in-themselves’, rather than just being valued as a means
towards some other value or goal. Also, Life-Values are subjective-based,
meaning that these are realized as values ‘based on our own experience’,
rather than needing to be verified by a scientific or objective criteria.

Values are similar in meaning to Goals or core beliefs of what is ultimately Good or Best.
Life Values and World Values can be distinguished. Life values are to do with our human life
(and what we believe are essential goals). World Values are to do with the world in general
(and how we envision the world at its best). There can also be similarities and overlap between these two kinds of Value.

Health Love Learning
Harmony Enjoyment Creativity
Serenity Friendships Achievement
Beauty Freedom Purpose

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