12 Qualities of our Heart

These could also be called virtues of the heart, or energies of the heart, or capacities of the heart. The primary essence of our heart is Love. The best way to discover, experience, understand, bring forth and actualize these Qualities is through meditation or an awareness in the heart, with an attitude of openness and self-discovery, and wanting to come from the heart. Heart and mind can coordinate and integrate together in this. In our heart the quality is discovered and experienced, while our mind/intellect can reflect upon and understand the quality. The true teacher of our mind is our heart, so the best attitude is for mind to listen to heart, and for our will to express heart. Sometimes a heart is agitated, hurt, or lost. The remedy is, through meditation and deeper awareness, to uncover the quality of heart that is missing and needed.

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Our heart is
Loving & Caring

In our heart we are loving and caring of our self, others, and all of life. Love unifies and brings people together. Love dissolves separation. Love is compassionate and caring, understanding and empathetic. We feel with people, and we care about their happiness and well-being. With love we are caring and protective of life.
Our heart is
Truthful & Honest

In our heart we are truthful and honest about who we are, and from our heart we express the truth of our self. Self-honesty and self-integrity are known in our heart, and from our heart we express sincerity. If we are completely sincere and self-honest in our heart, we will discover the truths of who we are.
Our heart is
Peaceful & Harmonious

In our heart we find peace and harmony, and from our heart we create peace and harmony. Peace in our heart is from our indwelling Divine Spirit. In this peace we also find serenity, contentment, and patience in life. In our heart we can feel the rhythm of Life and come into harmony with Life. We can even harmonize with other hearts.
Our heart is
Giving & Generous

In our heart we seek to give, and from our heart we give. Our heart is generous and unselfish. We are generously giving of our kindness, our friendship, our affection, our time, and what we have. We also give of our self. We give to others for their well-being and joy.
Our heart is
Knowing & Guiding

In our heart we realize spiritual truths, values and purposes. In our heart we find intuition, guidance and direction, if we listen. Our heart is knowing and understanding, and in our heart we can know our spiritual beingness. Heart is the centre of our being and the real knower, and our life becomes real when mind follows heart.
Our heart is
Trusting & Receptive

In our heart we are trusting in the goodness of life, and we trust in our indwelling Spirit. We are hopeful, positive and optimistic about the present moment and the future. In our heart we are receptive to others, to nature, and to what comes from Spirit and Life. Our heart is receptive to all that is Good, Truthful, Loving, and Beautiful.
Our heart is
Inclusive & Unifying

Our heart includes all people and all lives. Our heart brings together and unifies. Our inclusive and unifying heart is also forgiving and able to accept others even if we disagree with them. Our heart is universal, unconditional, and without boundaries. In our heart we find transcendence, oneness, and resonance with all Life.
Our heart is
Communicating & Sharing

Our heart has a capacity to communicate and share with other hearts. We are related and connected with everyone in our heart. In our heart we can hear and know what is in other hearts, and we can share what’s in our heart with anyone. Our heart naturally relates with other hearts and loves to share in heart together.
Our heart is
Joyful & Grateful

In our heart we find joy and gratitude. We can experience joy with others, with nature, with activities, and also an inner joy of just being. Joy is an upliftment and expansion of our heart. Gratefulness and appreciation opens our heart to joy. When we are grateful, we are naturally joyful. When we are joyful, we are naturally grateful. Through gratefulness we experience beauty, love, and joy.
Our heart is
Healing & Purifying

In our heart we find healing, and from our heart we can be healing to others. Our heart energy of love is healing and also purifying. Our heart can purify and transmute all kinds of energies, in our self and in others.
Our heart is
Inspirational & Striving

In our heart we find inspiration and a striving to be creative and to improve in whatever we do. Our heart can inspire great acts of love and motivate great efforts. Enthusiasm, devotion and commitment also come from our heart, as well as courage and perseverance, to achieve goals, solve difficulties, and overcome challenges.
Our heart is
Beautiful & Radiant

In our heart is beauty and radiance. All qualities of our heart are beautiful. We are beautifully radiant, when we express and share our heart, when we are loving and caring, giving and generous, truthful and sincere, and striving for what is good and excellent.

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