Flexibility & Adaptability

Two virtues, but both are very related

Flexibility is being open to change or to new ways.
You keep evolving.

You can adapt to different kinds of people and circumstances.

You can suddenly change your plans, if needed.
You can creatively adapt.

You don’t always have to do the same things.
You can be creatively different.

You are open to new surprises and new adventures.

You can harmonize with the needs of a larger social group,
or with nature.

You consider the ideas and wishes of others,
without rigidly insisting on your own way.

You are easy-going and accepting, rather than rigid,
fixated, or stubborn about how things unfold.

You can go with the flow.

3 thoughts on “Flexibility & Adaptability

  1. Site Manager says:


    Adaptability is our ability to change or to adjust,
    so to harmonize better with others and the environment.

    Your decisions and actions adapt to important Goals or Purposes.

    You can fit in to what is needed.

    You can change with the new times or new circumstances.

    You can change plans or direction, if the present way is not working
    or if a new way will work better.

    You are able to cope with the unexpected.

    You have resilience in dealing with difficulties or disturbances.

  2. Matt says:

    Adaptation and Adaptability

    There are two chapters called ‘Adaptation’ in Virtues & Values
    by T. Saraydarian. Adaptation of course has a similar meaning to Adaptability. But more precisely, ‘Adaptation’ is a goal or result,
    or a value to strive for, or it is also a kind of process or effort;
    whereas Adaptability is the virtue-ability we need to develop.

    Adaptation is the value, goal, or result we seek to achieve.
    The term also refers to the process or effort needed to achieve the goal.

    Adaptability is the ability we seek to develop in our self,
    which then leads to adaptation.

    But generally speaking, both terms mean about the same,
    so both can be part of the virtue understanding.

    1. Matt says:

      I made a summary of the insights collected from the
      2 chapters on ‘Adaptation’, written by T. Saraydarian
      Some very profound and useful ideas.

      See this Page on Adaptation

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