Our Virtue of the month for August is Appreciation

Here are some questions to think about:
—   how is appreciation expressed?
—   what are some attributes of appreciation?
—   what is special about appreciation?
—   how can I be & express appreciation?

Appreciation is recognizing the goodness of someone, something,
or an action.

You recognize beauty, excellence, and value.

You see the goodness of what is given in life or in what you experience.

You appreciate the beauty in nature.

You express appreciation with gratitude.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Two virtues, but both are very related

Flexibility is being open to change or to new ways.
You keep evolving.

You can adapt to different kinds of people and circumstances.

You can suddenly change your plans, if needed.
You can creatively adapt.

You don’t always have to do the same things.
You can be creatively different.

You are open to new surprises and new adventures.

You can harmonize with the needs of a larger social group,
or with nature.

You consider the ideas and wishes of others,
without rigidly insisting on your own way.

You are easy-going and accepting, rather than rigid,
fixated, or stubborn about how things unfold.

You can go with the flow.


Love is a feeling of affection and caring
for a person, or a place, or an idea, or for life itself.

Love is a heart-felt warmth and appreciation.

You feel connected and close with another,
or with your family or group.

You express caring and kindness.

You can show love in many ways – in a smile or a hug,
in kind words or actions, or just by listening.

Love manifests in many forms.

Active love is a desire and effort to be giving,
yet love can also be received.

Love can range from self-love to group-love,
or to an inclusive-love for all of Earth and humanity.

Love is inclusive. Love embraces and includes.

Love brings together. Love unifies. Love dissolves separation.

Love accepts differences and diversity. Love accepts and forgives.

Love always sees hope. Love is always positive.

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Responsibility is doing what is needed, rather than expect others to do it.

Responsibility is the ability to respond-ably to the need at hand.

You take on what is needed to do, with diligence and reliability.

You make choices, rather than just let others decide things.

You accept accountability for your choices and actions.

You admit to making mistakes.

When you make a mistake you try to fix it, instead of making excuses or blaming others.

Others can trust you to work at completing things with your best ability.


Helpfulness is offering your help, without waiting to be asked.

You are of service to others, doing practical things that make a difference.

You’re cooperative with the hopes and needs of the larger group.

You discover what is needed, then pitch in to do it.

When we help each other, we all achieve more.

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