Compassion is the combination of —
love, caring, empathy,
and a will-to-help.

You unconditionally love people
with a feeling and realization
of being related in the oneness of Being
or in a shared heart.

You care about people – their feelings and their well being.

You share empathy with others, opening your feelings
to what they feel, (though without being self-identified in it).

You seek to understand the feelings and situations of others.

You have a passion and a will-to-help others.

You feel for those who are suffering or in need,
and you want to help them.

You feel compassion for others, even if you might disagree
with their beliefs or actions.

You love unconditionally.
You let go of judgments and you easily forgive.

Compassion is probably derived from com (shared)
and passion (a feeling and will)

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