Gratitude is feeling and expressing thankfulness and appreciation for what life gives you, or for what others give you.

One can also feel grateful for just being.

{Sufi saying} Be grateful for the gift of life, and love will shine through you like the sun.

Real gratefulness is sincere gratefulness, which comes spontaneously from our heart, in response to God and to Life.

But gratefulness has to be real and sincere. Gratefulness cannot just be conjured up because one should. Real gratefulness comes sincerely from our heart. And if you cannot feel grateful, then so be it. One is committed to being sincere and honest, rather than committed to a should be.

So instead of trying to be grateful, or working at being grateful, or demanding oneself to be grateful; simply be more conscious and recognizing of what there is to be grateful for. The practice is not to feel that you have to always be grateful, or that you should convince yourself to always be grateful. Instead, look around and consider what you are honestly grateful for. The practice is to wake up, be conscious and realize the things and people you are naturally grateful for.

Gratefulness is our emotional response in recognizing valued or enjoyable experiences. It’s the perception and awareness, which then evokes an emotional response of gratefulness.

First there has to be a recognition of what is valued or enjoyed. Look around. Look at life. What has value, what’s good, what’s enjoyable? Examples might be beauty, love, intelligent solutions, and enjoyable experiences. Then, once there is a recognition, gratefulness naturally follows; though one still has to be open to this feeling.

So the first step towards gratefulness is to be more aware, while also being honestly open to feeling a natural response of gratefulness. This is the path to sincere gratefulness.

Ask – What am I grateful for?

What are the things and experiences for which I can feel grateful. Realistically and sincerely look at things, people, and experiences for which you can feel honestly grateful. Real gratefulness will then emerge naturally from your being.

Also, when we have a conscious relationship with God, gratefulness is our natural response.

Gratitude is how we assimilate Love. When we feel and know God’s Love, we naturally feel grateful. When we realize the loving, caring, and healing qualities of God, we are naturally grateful.

Gratefulness is also how we assimilate healing. Healing requires a flow of light and love energy, which comes originally from God the Source, and yet the flow requires a completed circuit that returns the Love energy back to God.

Gratitude is how we return love back to God, in the same way that we return our love back {with gratefulness} to someone who gives us love or a gift of love. Thus, gratitude is the return of our love back to God, which completes the circuit flow of Love energy, which then manifests as healing.