Service is giving to others, or to a larger purpose, or to life.

You serve with a giving attitude, without selfishness and self-interest.

You do what is needed with commitment, love, and excellence.

You serve those in need and also help those who are serving.

This virtue is not simply to serve the wishes and desires of others.
If you love and care for someone, then you serve their real needs.

The highest meaning of service is to serve a greater purpose. Consequentially then, one is serving what is most important.

The attitude & virtue of service is motivated by love, caring, and goodwill.

You have an unselfish desire to help others,
or to help in a larger purpose.

You work cooperatively together with others
— in service to a greater purpose.

Ask inside — May I be of service?
{to a greater purpose, to the world, or to the real needs of others}

Service brings more love into the world.