Striving (or Effort)

Striving is a quality of our will — when we make intentional efforts
towards a Goal, a Vision, or an improvement.

Striving is making a real effort of doing; it’s not merely thinking about doing something, nor is it just a wish or a hope.

The meaning of striving combines both a start-up effort
and a continuing-persevering effort.

We can make efforts towards improving our self, our relationships,
our life, and our world.


Self-striving is making efforts at being our best and doing our best.
— making self-efforts at being better, doing better, self-improving & self-evolving.

What self-qualities are we striving to improve or develop better?

We strive to improve as a person, in how we are and in what we do.

  • We strive towards excellence (though what do we believe is excellence?)
  • We strive to be a good person (though what do we believe is good?)

Thus, the Goal to which we strive is co-important with the striving.


Is striving for self-improvement important?
It is not healthy (nor necessary) to always be self-critical or to beat oneself up about self-improving. Yet, if we don’t make any efforts towards self-improvement and spiritual-evolution, then it probably won’t happen, because our personal patterns will repetitively continue
– unless we make some real efforts to steer our course differently.

One could also ask if self-efforts are needed to improve the world.
Are the problems of our world going to fix themselves?