Compassion is the combination of —
love, caring, empathy,
and a will-to-help.

You unconditionally love people
with a feeling and realization
of being related in the oneness of Being
or in a shared heart.

You care about people – their feelings and their well being.

You share empathy with others, opening your feelings
to what they feel, (though without being self-identified in it).

You seek to understand the feelings and situations of others.

You have a passion and a will-to-help others.

You feel for those who are suffering or in need,
and you want to help them.

You feel compassion for others, even if you might disagree
with their beliefs or actions.

You love unconditionally.
You let go of judgments and you easily forgive.

Compassion is probably derived from com (shared)
and passion (a feeling and will)

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5 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. Matt says:


    With someone who is having troubles – you feel their need and want to help them.

    With someone who is negative or harmful – you try to understand why, and you try to heal them.

    With someone who is positive and in joy – you share in their feelings.

  2. Matt says:

    In many religious and spiritual teachings, it is believed that we can help others by giving out compassion from our heart. Therefore, we can help people by radiating love, caring, understanding, and empathy.
    Most simply, compassion is radiating out Light, Love, and Goodwill. These are the energies of Compassion, which can go out to the world
    (or to others) from our heart and mind and will-to-help. Compassion also motivates us to help others in practical, physical ways.

  3. Aspirant says:

    Compassion includes everyone and all things. It is a love, caring, and empathy, which has no requirements; meaning that it is not conditional upon an ‘If, and only if, you do this’. God’s Radiance is unconditional Compassion. Divine Light and Love goes out to everyone and everything; no matter what they do or how they are. No conditions. Yet, to experience God’s Compassion is up to each person. Compassion is also a potential quality of our own radiance and expression.

  4. Aspirant says:

    Empathetic identifying with others
    leads naturally to compassion

    God identifies with everyone, every experience and every action; – meaning that God experiences, with empathy, all that is and all experiences in every moment. And yet, God maintains transcendence and freedom from anything and everything. This empathetic identification, simultaneous with freedom and transcendence, is the greatness of God. Yet according to the esoteric law – as Above, so below – this is also our own spiritual potential (which comes from God). So, we too can have a consciousness of being oneness, being love, being empathy, being compassion, yet also maintain freedom and non-attachment.

    Usually identification is negative, because we usually identify with our little personality patterns, our reactions and our stuck beliefs about our self. But identification is positive when we are identified with all of life. Then, we feel in essential oneness with everyone. And thus, from this, we have compassion, empathy, caring, and understanding for all others. In other words, this identification with everyone and with all of life expands our consciousness –from being only identified with just little me to being identified with all of Life, or even the whole Universe. Thus, spiritual identification with others and with the greater Life leads to.. empathy and oneness, which then leads to… compassion and caring.

    Identification is our consciousness of self, our sense of self, or what is understood as who I am. Identification is one’s ‘who I am’. And if ‘who I am’ is everyone, or all of life, then our consciousness is in unity with everyone and all of life. Consequentially, one feels love and caring for all others, and one shares in the feelings and struggles of others.

    In empathetic identification one shares in the experiences of others, whether good or painful. One feels in oneness with others and with all of life. Compassion, caring, friendliness and goodwill naturally come from this experience of oneness.

    Practice being in oneness
    Feel at one with everyone and everything.
    Feel at one with all of nature.
    Feel at one with all of humanity.

  5. Matt says:

    Compassion is not just about empathy and caring for those in distress or pain. It could also be a sharing of any experience. I recently experienced compassion with an ocean turtle in Maui. I was in this small cove with crystal clear water, where I came across a fairly large turtle just floating and doing nothing. She was just floating in the same place, just being conscious. So I floated with her, just floating in peace and consciously observing. We were sharing in the experience, sharing in harmony, united in a shared consciousness. I felt an empathy and oneness with my turtle friend, relating and sharing together. So I considered this is an experience of compassion – being with the other and experiencing a sense of their world. Also, I learned from the turtle, from its unique beingness and its unique expression of divine qualities. I learned to practice the way of turtle – relax, no hurry.

    So perhaps this can be an example of compassion for anyone or anything. To be with, to experience with, to feel with, and to realize being one with, and even to learn from. All of this can be part of compassion.

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