Principle of Enjoyment

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The principle of enjoyment
to replace religious rules and interpretations

In these times of radical religious views that incorporate violence in the name of God or religion, the usual response is that those people are either misinterpreting the true principles of the religion or else they are mentally deranged. Both of these explanations are probably correct. But if we look deeper into this social problem of violent extremism, most religious people do not want to reflect on the problem of religion itself. It is true that each religion, including Islam, has loving and beautiful principles in it, but it is also true that each religion can be inherently confusing. This is because the religious follower is asked to learn and follow an externally given set of rules and shoulds, which can get quite confusing and difficult to interpret. The larger problem, therefore, is in the difficulty of correctly interpreting what one is supposed to do, or how to apply the religious set of commands in daily life and in the modern world. Fundamentally, the problem with religion is in knowing how to interpret and act upon the externally presented principles and rules. For this will always be a problem, and there is always be different opinions as to what is the correct interpretation and the right way to live this religion.

So what if more people would simply abandon externally given religions and abandon their confused attempt to follow those religious rules? One argument might be that, without the religion, people would be prone to simply be egotistic or simply be conditioned by social media and economic competition. This could be. But what if the alternative to religion is just simply listening to and following one’s own heart? Then, no external dictates, commands, or religious rule books are necessary. Furthermore, add in sensitivity; nurture the natural sensitivity in people, and let sensitivity decide what’s best. In other words, abandon religion and instead follow one’s own heart and sensitivity. Then, the main problem of religion goes away. Though of course, each person has to be free to decide their path; this is only suggested as a solution. The key is to keep it all simple, to avoid the complexity and confusions inherent in the religions.

Here is one principle, to keep it all simple.

The principle of enjoyment

  • Maximize enjoyment – for oneself and for others
  • Wish for everyone’s enjoyment
  • Nurture everyone’s enjoyment
  • Respect everyone’s enjoyments

Simple as that.

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