Enthusiasm is having an intense interest or positive anticipation about something, or an idea, or a plan.

Enthusiasm is an excitement and joyfulness about something planned, or about something one is presently doing.

Enthusiasm is a positive-optimistic excitement and openness about what is presently going on, or what is expected in the near future.

Enthusiasm is about what one loves and enjoys, or what excites one’s interest, or it can be about something important that is achievable.

Enthusiasm is a fire that kindles our effort towards an achievement or a creative pursuit.

Enthusiasm motivates our own action and commitment, and can also help motivate others.

Enthusiasm radiates joy, interest, and positiveness; which resonates to others.

You have a positive attitude and optimistic hope.

You feel motivated by a positive expectation or faith.

You are cheerful and full of spirit.

You enjoy what you are doing.

You are wholehearted and committed in what you do.


One thought on “Enthusiasm

  1. Matt says:

    Enthusiasm is motivating and gets us involved in what we are enthusiastic about.

    Enthusiasm is a deeply sourced spiritually-emotional and motivating energy for doing something with creative value, or towards a purposeful important goal.

    Enthusiasm is a quality that emerges from our inner spiritual soul – for doing something with soul value and having soul purpose.

    Enthusiasm coming from our soul can then motivate our personality towards higher goals.

    Enthusiasm is our soul’s interest, excitement, or attraction towards something of soul value or soul nourishing.

    Enthusiasm is a motivator; it is a motivating energy flowering from within.

    Enthusiasm is the energy of –
    * soul-interest
    * soul-enjoyment
    * soul-direction

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