Helpfulness is offering your help, without waiting to be asked.

You are of service to others, doing practical things that make a difference.

You’re cooperative with the hopes and needs of the larger group.

You discover what is needed, then pitch in to do it.

When we help each other, we all achieve more.

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2 thoughts on “Helpfulness

  1. Aspirant says:

    I wonder if one can be overly helpful?
    It’s good to help others, or pitch in to what’s needed, but being ‘too helpful’ might be when the person being ‘helped’ is then missing out on an opportunity to do the job by their own efforts and wits. Examples would be in education; if a student is always being helped to complete their math assignment, then they aren’t being challenged to do it on their own or become self-sufficient. Lots more examples I’m sure.

    1. Thoughtful says:

      I wonder if each virtue has its possible extreme – which then might get in the way of a different important virtue.
      Like in this example, ‘overly helpfulness’ might squash the possibility of giving someone the space and freedom to learn by challenge & self-effort. For a simple example, if a parent always brings over a toy to the baby, then the baby is loosing an opportunity to strive-crawl in order to get it.

      On a higher level of thinking, the question is… how to really be helpful.

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