Hope of Glory

Here is a compilation of the chapter, Glory
(in Psyche and Psychism, by Torkom Saraydarian),
submitted by Santana.

As we stand in the Glory of our Soul, of our Master, of our great Lord,
we pass through the fire of transformation.

In this transformation —

  • we pass through purification
  • the Plan is seen more clearly
  • our willpower to serve and sacrifice increases,
  • and the star of the purpose of life shines within our Souls.

Each revelation surpasses the former one in glory.

  • First you become aware of your Inner Essence.
  • On the next level, the glory reveals to you the hearts of your
    brother’s and sisters.
  • In the next level, your subjective group is revealed to you.
  • Then in the next two levels the mysteries of the Solar System and the Galaxy are revealed to you.

Thus in each contact with greater realities, greater power and wisdom is poured into your consciousness and into your Chalice. Each stage of Glorification is a stage of increasing Light, increasing love-wisdom, and increasing power.

  • Light makes you radiant
  • Love-wisdom makes you magnetic
  • Power gives you the opportunity to serve and sacrifice.

This is how we eventually reveal ‘The Christ in us, the hope of Glory.’
As one increases in glory, he shines with five great signs:
love, harmlessness, simplicity, fearlessness, and givingness.

5 thoughts on “Hope of Glory

  1. Torkom quotes says:


    Your Love nature tends to become all-inclusive.

    Your Love grows for every living form.

    Love is the process of identification with the Divinity within yourself and within others.

    When you become one with the “hope of Glory”,
    with the object of hope, you have love, you are love.

  2. Torkom quotes says:


    He develops a harmless nature, a childlike nature and is very careful in his manners, expressions, words, actions and thoughts.

    He does not want to hurt people, to be an obstacle or hindrance on their path.

    He deals with people as if they were rare flowers of beauty.

  3. Torkom quotes says:


    Simplification of a man takes place as he grows rich in his essence.

    Complexity increases as one identifies with matter.

    Simplicity is directness, is openness and clarity.

    A man of simplicity has right relations with matter, time and energy.

  4. Torkom quotes says:


    Fearlessness is the direct result of an inner nature which is in tune with the principles of Beauty, Goodness and Truth.

    The real Glory is the Radiation of Beauty, Goodness, Truth and Power.

    As the Inner Glory expands, fearlessness turns into a shield
    which protects all seeds of light, all drops of love, and all buds of beauty.

    Fearlessness becomes a channel through which ideas and visions of the New Age pour.

    Fearlessness is a state of the Aura that vibrates with the frequency of the Heart of Shamballa.

  5. Torkom quotes says:


    The whole phenomenon of Glory is an ever-active process of giving.

    It is radioactivity in the process of which everything the
    nucleus has, is spread out for the service of all. Givingness is the release of the nucleus. That is what sacrifice is.

    On the path of Glory, one shares with others all beauty, all goodness, all wisdom he gathered in his Chalice. He shares with them all that was attracted to him as wealth and abundance.

    His joy now is to obey the ancient rule, to get rid of all that he has and is. Glory expands towards toward Infinity once the above rule is understood and lived.

    Glory exists in transcending oneself. Transcending takes place only when one leaves behind “whatever he has, whatever he is.”

    Givingness is the method used by Initiates to clear the channel of communication with higher worlds; to clear the lines of contact with their fellow men.

    Givingness is the preparation to empty oneself in order to be the recipient of higher blessings and higher visions.

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