How to meditate on a Value

        – Values are basically Great Ideas

World-values are what we value for the world, or what we believe are essentially important for the world. These can also be understood as Principles – for guiding any decision having an impact on others, communities, or nations. These can also be understood as Ideals for the world to manifest, for the best world possible.

Choose a Value for meditation – to think about, to understand more clearly and see its value-importance. Also think of some ways to manifest this value and also reflect upon your personal responsibility in helping this value become more important in the world consciousness.

Here are some useful steps in meditating on a Value

  • Clarify what this Value is, how to understand it, and how to manifest it.

  • Recognise what is good in this Value and its importance in the world.

  • Affirm this as one of your own important Values and be responsible for increasing it.

  • Visualise this Value manifesting throughout the world.

  • Consider ways you can increase this Value in the world.

Meditating on a Value

In this kind of meditation, one reflects upon, thinks about, and understands more about an important Value in life and for the world. Examples could be cooperation, harmony, human rights, justice, or even beauty.

Three kinds of questions to consider are to do with Meaning, Value, and Responsibility. Here are some suggested questions to think about in the meditation. But before meditatively thinking about the particular Value, it is first helpful to imagine the Value in the world or in life, in order to have it in mind.


  • How can this Value be described or explained?
  • How is this Value manifested?
  • How is this Value experienced?


  • Why is this value important?
  • What is the value of this Value?
  • What are some positive effects of this Value?


  • How can this Value be manifested in life or in the world?
  • How can I help manifest or increase this Value?


  • Next, work on empowering the Value with affirmation and visualisation. Affirm the importance of this Value in your life and in the world, and also affirm your own responsibility to help manifest this. Also to empower and strengthen this Value, visualise it manifesting in the world. Visualise more and more people recognising and manifesting this Value. Begin with your recognition, then see others recognising the value as well.

Meditating on important Ideas and Values
is a way to use meditation for world-service

Through conscious service-oriented meditation, using a combination of thinking, visualisation, and affirmation, we can clarify and strengthen great spiritual Ideas and Values in the thought-field of humanity.

Values transform and shape the world to be – to the extent that the Value becomes realized, affirmed and actualized. As we reflect and meditate upon important Values, our understanding resonates into the minds and hearts of humanity, which then helps to transform the world into the best it can be.

Thus, we can help in the spiritual evolution of humanity by meditating on key Ideas, Values and Visions. We can help bring about new awakenings. We can help construct positive visions for humanity and the future, and we can help solve problems of the world.

Positive change in our world must begin with a recognition of Key Values and Goals – that are both intelligent and crucial for the future of humanity and the world.

May we bring peace and love into our world !

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