How to meditate on a Value

        – Values are basically Great Ideas

1. Clarify this Value.
    What does this Value mean, and why is it important?
    – To understand it better, think about how to explain it.

2. Affirm this Value.
    Affirm the importance of this Value in your own life and in the world.

3. Empower this Value.
    Visualize this Value in the world – to give it recognition and strength.

or work with this 4 part meditation —

Explain what this Value is and its importance.
Imagine some positive effects of this Value.
Affirm this as one of your own Life Values.
Visualize all people in the world realizing and affirming this Value.

Meditating on important Ideas and Values
is a way to use meditation for world-service

Through conscious service-oriented meditation, using a combination of thinking, visualisation, and affirmation, we can clarify and strengthen great spiritual Ideas and Values in the thought-field of humanity.

Values transform and shape the world to be – to the extent that the Value becomes realized, affirmed and actualized. As we reflect and meditate upon important Values, our understanding resonates into the minds and hearts of humanity, which then helps to transform the world into the best it can be.

Thus, we can help in the spiritual evolution of humanity by meditating on key Ideas, Values and Visions. We can help bring about new awakenings. We can help construct positive visions for humanity and the future, and we can help solve problems of the world.

Positive change in our world must begin with a recognition of Key Values and Goals – that are both intelligent and crucial for the future of humanity and the world.

May we bring peace and love into our world !

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  1. Matt says:

    Here is an esoteric meditation method — World Service Meditation

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