Illumination is when the light of our consciousness enables us to see or to know what had previously been hidden from view, in the dark, or subconscious. A portion of reality is revealed and also perhaps a knowing of what we need to do about it.

A first level of illumination is to clearly see our immediate physical reality; being more aware of our present environment – such as our home, work, community, and surrounding nature. We suddenly notice the present state of things; such as the degree of order, cleanliness, harmony, beauty. We see something – which was always there yet unnoticed before. This is a spark of physical reality illumination. We can also be illuminated to see what is needed to do.

A second level of illumination is to clearly see our own self reality, which can include our physical, emotional, or mental state of being. Something about an aspect of our self is suddenly noticed. We see something particular about how we are or about what is presently going on. This is a spark of self-illumination, whereby we see what was previously not seen. Something not yet noticed now has a spotlight on it. This could be a self-positive that we can now appreciate, or it could be something that needs a change.

Illumination of oneself can be of higher levels or of lower levels. In others words, we could see an aspect of our self that is higher evolved spiritually, or recognize a real virtue in our self; or, on the contrary, we could see a pattern in our self that needs some further transformation or evolution. Of course, it is often difficult for people to see any negatives in oneself; for the negatives are hard to see and hard to admit. Thus, self-deception and self-blindedness are major psychological problems in humanity. Most people seem to find a way to either not-see or else self-deceive themselves, and of course self-justifications abound. Therefore, one great purpose of illumination is to simply see the real truth about oneself. The light of illumination uncovers-up what is hiding in the shadows; it unveils the truth and destroys self-deception.

A third level of illumination is to clearly see the reality of what is possible, either in our environment or in our own self. We have an illuminative insight of a higher potential or a possible improvement. This can also include the realization that we have the self power and ability to create this improvement or manifest this higher potential. Also, we might see what we need to actually do, in order to create or manifest the positive potential.

A fourth level of illumination is to clearly see the divine-spiritual reality, which underlies and permeates everything. The divine-spiritual reality is not distant from our self nor from our world. Rather, it is always present; however we are often unaware or unconscious of all this. Divine-spiritual reality is the matrix of universal-cosmic principles, laws, purposes and values. This deepest level of reality is illuminated through our spiritual intuition – which is our consciousness window into the essential spiritual reality that is always present, yet often hidden or unconscious.

Also to mention is that our own consciousness is but a portion of the Universal Consciousness. The Universal-Divine Consciousness provides Illuminative Light – which awakens our spiritual intuition, including our ability to clearly see greater potentials and creative possibilities, and also giving us a greater power of light to consciously see clearly the circumstances that presently exist in our environment and in our self.

Finally to mention is the ultimate absolute level of illumination, which is when our own consciousness completely loses all self-boundaries and merges back into the Universal-Divine Consciousness. This is the absolute Divine Illumination, when there is nothing but Illumination. Nothing in particular is being illuminated; there is no content at all in awareness. There is nothing in consciousness but Consciousness Itself. For in this level of illumination, there is nothing but Divine Consciousness, nothing but God-Consciousness. There is only the One Light, the One Self. Nothing else exists in this level of meditation. This is the absolute level of meditation, when mind and heart are one, without any distinction, when light and love are one, without any distinction, when will and flow are one, without any distinction. There is only One. Yet in time one has to return to the other levels of illumination, for practical sake.

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