The most important Values

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Here are 21 important & beautiful World-Life Values.
— Values that are most significant in our life and in the world.
(what we want & value in our life and in our world)

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Truth & Knowledge Health & Happiness Protecting Nature & Life
Justice & Fairness Peace & Harmony Ecology & Diversity
Human Rights & Dignity Love & Friendship Shared Common Resources
Freedom & Independence Beauty & Prosperity Sustainable Development
Cooperation & Sharing Enjoyment & Adventure Responsible Innovation
Safety & Nonviolence Education & Creative Arts Intelligent Planning
Food, Water, Shelter Purpose & Inspiration Democracy & Open Debate

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One thought on “The most important Values

  1. Matt says:

    I separated life values and world values.
    Life values are what we most value for our self and for others.
    World values are for the world, or how we envision the world at its best.

    Here are the links –>   12 Life Values     12 World Values

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