Love is a feeling of affection and caring
for a person, or a place, or an idea, or for life itself.

Love is a heart-felt warmth and appreciation.

You feel connected and close with another,
or with your family or group.

You express caring and kindness.

You can show love in many ways – in a smile or a hug,
in kind words or actions, or just by listening.

Love manifests in many forms.

Active love is a desire and effort to be giving,
yet love can also be received.

Love can range from self-love to group-love,
or to an inclusive-love for all of Earth and humanity.

Love is inclusive. Love embraces and includes.

Love brings together. Love unifies. Love dissolves separation.

Love accepts differences and diversity. Love accepts and forgives.

Love always sees hope. Love is always positive.

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2 thoughts on “Love

  1. Matt says:

    The energy of Love

    Love is an energy, a feeling, an attitude, and an experience.

    Love is primarily experienced through feeling and transmitted through feeling.

    The feeling of love connects and unifies people
    (as well as animal and other earth life).

    Love magnetically brings people together.

    Love brings together. Love unifies. Love dissolves separation.

    The energy of love is healing and purifying.

    We can receive love and we can give love.

    Love can flow through us and express through us.

    The Source of love is Spiritual. It comes from God
    (or the Universe) and is received in our heart.

    Love is one of the primary qualities of our human soul; and therefore, love is within us.

    The consciousness and practice of love can be more or less inclusive.

    Love can range from a limited inclusiveness (a limited range)
    to a larger inclusiveness (a larger range).

    Love also ranges from a limited self-perspective
    to a larger group-perspective
    and finally to a whole humanity-perspective.

    We can develop love, increase love, and enlarge love.

    Unfortunately though, love can be neglected or unrealized.

    Love can be diminished, distorted, or hurt.

    Therefore, love may need to be healed or purified.

  2. Matt says:

    Five types of Love

    Love can be experienced and expressed on five levels
    – physically, emotionally, mentally, intentionally, and spiritually.

    Physical love is enjoyed pleasure from the physical senses, such as enjoyed touch, food, or beauty. Physical love can be given or received.

    Emotional love is experienced through our feelings
    – of relatedness, closeness, and bonding, as well as caring, compassion and empathy. This can be a brotherly-sisterly love, a maternal-parental love, or an intimate-relationship love. Love also gives us a sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others. As well, love softens and dissolves shells of separation.

    Mental love is understanding, recognition, appreciation,
    and an attitude of love.

        – Understanding love is knowing what love is and how to love.

        – Recognition of love is recognizing the presence of love, or when someone is giving their love.

        – Appreciation & Gratitude is both a recognition and an expression of love.

        – An attitude of love is being ever-awake to love and ever-ready to be loving.

    Intentional love, or the will-to-love, requires our intention, mental focus, desire and effort to realize love and to express love.
    Intentional love is our will-to-love, to-care-for, to nurture, to help, to enhance, to serve, and to do good. This might also involve some degree of sacrifice — giving up self-centeredness or selfishness.

    Spiritual love is both a feeling and a realization of Oneness – with a person, with Nature, with God or the Universe. Soul-to-soul love is a feeling of mutual identification, or of being from the same Source.

    We can also love God –
        – we can feel connected with God
        – we can be in mystical union with God
        – we can feel thankful for life and for what is given
        – we can serve God by giving love to others and to life

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