A playful person is freely exploratory, rather than bound by fixed rules
or ideas about what is right.

In Playfulness, you become free of routine patterns
and are willing to explore new things and new ways.

In playfulness, you explore for the sheer delight of the experience,
or you do something for the sheer delight of doing it.

In playfulness, you find delight in the present moment,
and there is no hurry.

In playfulness, you are relaxed, spontaneous, and allow the situation
to unfold freely.

In playfulness, life is discovery, and learning is naturally fun.

In playfulness, nothing is hard serious work, yet things get done.

Playfulness increases enjoyment and joy, lightness and fun.

Playfulness reduces stress and the tensions of seriousness.

Playfulness often engages people and makes them more connected.

Playfulness nourishes creativity, new ideas and new discoveries.

In playfulness, new connections are formed in the brain
and we become smarter.

In playfulness, rules, fixed ideas, and previous behaviors
are open to change.

Playful people are adaptive to new situations and make do
with whatever is at hand.

Playful people alternate between –
the reality (of what is) and the imagination (of can be).

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