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5 thoughts on “Virtues & Values

  1. Site Manager says:

    Virtues are the best of our character and the essences of our soul.

    Virtues are the most excellent attitudes and ways of being,
    of which we are all capable to achieve.

    Each virtue is innate within our self potential,
    and yet each virtue needs cultivation and nurturing.

    Each virtue needs to be understood more clearly and comprehensively. What we read about a Virtue, and discuss about it, adds to our understanding.

    Also, a virtue needs to be practiced, to become more regular in our daily life.

    Let us share our insights about the best virtues and values in life.
    This will benefit us all.

    Use the text-box as seen below.

    First write the virtue or value that you intend to discuss.

    Then express yourself. Share your thoughts, your understanding,
    or even your questions.

    Comment on previous postings, or start your own new topic.

  2. Site Manager says:

    Virtues and Values

    Virtues and Values are similar in meaning, yet can also be distinguished. A virtue is a quality of our self, or a way of being, which we regard as good, important, or of high value. There are different kinds of virtues: a kind of action, a self-expression, a way of being, or an attitude. Two examples of self-virtues would be honesty and love; each worth developing in oneself.

    A value is what we believe has worth and importance, and is beneficial, both in our own life and in the world. Knowing our values helps us make better decisions. Life-values are how we envision the best that our life can be, or the best that our world can be. A life-value is a quality in life that we value, or what we’d like to have in our life, or what we envision as important in life. It’s what we believe is good and worth seeking in life, such as happiness and love. So if we value happiness, harmony and love in our life, then these are a few of our life-values.

    World-values are qualities we value for the world; qualities or principles that should to be manifested in the world and are worth working towards. Two good examples of world-values are peace and fairness. It’s what we’d like to see in the world. So, life-values and world-values are nearly the same, because the qualities we value for our own life are probably the same values we have for the world in general; such as harmony and love.

    In summary, a value is a quality, idea, or vision that is valued in life, in the world, or in oneself. A virtue is a value, but it’s a self-value – something we value in our own self and in others. In addition, we are self-responsible for developing and expressing virtues; though we can also nurture virtues in children and in others. Finally, how we are, as an emanating being, has a metaphysical effect in the world around us; so there is an important relation between personal-virtues and the world-to-be.

  3. Matt says:


    Unity is both a self-virtue and a life-value.

    Inwardly, unity is a realization of consciousness,
    and thus to be realized and experienced in oneself.

    Outwardly, unity is a beneficial value to be achieved with others
    and in the world.

    Unity is the realization or feeling of being interconnected with others and in harmony with a shared purpose.

    You feel connected with others, with nature, or with life.

    Unity develops from realizing our common life values and purposes,
    and also from feeling our common humanity and spiritual love.

    Diversity and unique expression are valued within our inclusive unity.

    In group and world unity, we will work and live together peacefully.

    Together in unity we can accomplish more than anyone alone.

  4. Cooperation

    Cooperation can be understood as both a value and a virtue. Cooperation is valuable for groups and the world, and cooperation is an important virtue to build in oneself.

    Cooperation is an essential value needed in our world. But before there is more group cooperation, people need to have cooperation in their own character. In other words, as people become more cooperative, there will be more cooperation in the world. And when people cooperate, there is more peace and harmony in the world.

    Cooperation is working together in harmony for common goals.

    Cooperation is essential for achieving larger purposes.

    Cooperation builds group harmony and achievement.

    We join with others to do things that cannot be done alone,
    and together we can accomplish great things.

  5. Santana says:



    The Twelfth Petal of The Heart

    Gratitude is an energy that puts you in harmony with all that exists in purity and beauty.

    In harmony there is no friction, instead there are deep agreement and flow.

    The whole of existence smiles in a grateful heart.

    In gratitude, tension and stress disappear and you see how everything can be used beneficially for advancement or new achievement.

    This energy has a healing quality; those who enjoy gratitude live a long healthy life.

    Through gratitude you assimilate the fires in space and increase your creative powers.

    Gratitude builds a magnetic aura that attracts not only co workers and true friends, but also the creative forces of nature.”

    Consciousness Vol.1, p.384, Torkom Saraydarian

    Gratitude helps us to see the beauty and value of others and appreciate what they do. It gives us the ability to love and enjoy all life and being.

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