Striving (or Effort)

Striving is a quality of our will — when we make intentional efforts
towards a Goal, a Vision, or an improvement.

Striving is making a real effort of doing; it’s not merely thinking about doing something, nor is it just a wish or a hope.

The meaning of striving combines both a start-up effort
and a continuing-persevering effort.

We can make efforts towards improving our self, our relationships,
our life, and our world.


Self-striving is making efforts at being our best and doing our best.
— making self-efforts at being better, doing better, self-improving & self-evolving.

What self-qualities are we striving to improve or develop better?

We strive to improve as a person, in how we are and in what we do.

  • We strive towards excellence (though what do we believe is excellence?)
  • We strive to be a good person (though what do we believe is good?)

Thus, the Goal to which we strive is co-important with the striving.


Is striving for self-improvement important?
It is not healthy (nor necessary) to always be self-critical or to beat oneself up about self-improving. Yet, if we don’t make any efforts towards self-improvement and spiritual-evolution, then it probably won’t happen, because our personal patterns will repetitively continue
– unless we make some real efforts to steer our course differently.

One could also ask if self-efforts are needed to improve the world.
Are the problems of our world going to fix themselves?


4 thoughts on “Striving (or Effort)

  1. Site Manager says:

    10 self-values to strive towards —
    1. being loving
    2. being giving
    3. being appreciative
    4. being considerate
    5. being mindful
    6. being intelligent
    7. always learning
    8. being creative
    9. doing one’s best
    10. Spiritual realization and vision

  2. Site Manager says:

    10 world-values to striving towards
    1. World Health & Healthy Environments
    2. World Peace & Non-violence
    3. World Cooperation & Sharing
    4. World Equal Rights & Fairness
    5. World Freedom & Free Speech
    6. World Kindness & Cultural Respect
    7. World Education & Opportunities
    8. World Innovation & Creativity
    9. Sustainable Living & Economics
    10. Protecting Earth Ecologies & Resources

  3. Matt says:

    Our striving for betterment, or to be our highest spiritual self, is not intended to be a fight against our self. It is a striving to be in alignment and in truth with our real self. It’s a striving to be who we really are, which is naturally-spiritual. For we are, in our nature, already spiritual in essence; but our natural spiritual essence can become obscured or clouded by dysfunctional personalty patterns or by cultural habits. So, our inner striving is to be true to who we really are in essence, rather than passively be in the mere habits of our fixed personality patterns – which act out from our subconscious under the law of inertia and repetition. Our striving is for our deeper inner self to emerge and express freely, rather than inertia running the show.

    We seek to be naturally who we are, to be in a natural flow; yet not in the inertia of our subconscious or fixed patterns. We seek to be Free of fixed self-beliefs and habits of mood, because these are death to further self discovery and growth. We seek to be evermore conscious in our self and to discover more of who we truly are in essence. This requires a striving towards ongoing self-discovery and development of our {as-yet-unactualized} self-potentials. So this striving does not have to be a fight against ourself. Rather, the self-effort we make can be a conscious allowing of our inner, true, natural, spiritual self to emerge. There is no sense in striving to be someone we are not really.

    Also, our self-striving is not just a striving towards a future goal, because we can also strive to be conscious and real in this very moment. We can strive for being all we can be in each moment, or to be aligned with our inner truth and purpose at each moment. So striving is not just about the future, though we do have to make efforts towards making a better future and better world. Finally, we do need to take charge of our self, all parts of our self, to be a decider of what we do and who we are.

  4. Aspirant says:

    Striving is an activity of our will, and will is how we intentionally get things done; whereas we can act automatically, habitually or subconsciously, without any application of will. A routine is a pattern of activity that does not require will once the routine has become a working pattern, yet to actually create a routine does require will.

    Spiritual striving is an activity of our spiritual will – which is an expression of Divine Will. Spiritual striving is an intentional effort to be more conscious, more loving, and to serve a divine purpose. It can also be an intentional alignment with our own inner truth and our knowing of who we are. Our spiritual will is our will-to-serve divine purposes and also our will-to-align with the Divine Will (which is Love).

    Striving is also related to Vision – to our vision of what is possible, for our self and for the world. Having a Vision creates a strong inner motivation to reach this Vision. Striving and intentional effort requires motivation. There are two basic kinds of motivation: external and inner. External motivations are forces and coercions from outside us, often from teachers, coaches, friends and parents, but also from our cultural and media motivating us to follow certain behaviors in order to be accepted and successful. On the other hand, inner motivation comes from inside us and from our inner will. Seeing a Vision or a Purpose tends to create an inner-based motivation for striving and intentional effort.

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