World Service Meditation

Understanding the Purpose and the Work

World Service Meditation is a positive creative use of mind, actively linking Spiritual Energies & Ideas with the world. You help mediate between Spiritual Energies and humanity. You are in service to the Divine Purpose of human progression and evolution, helping both humanity and the planet. You are helping in the Divine Work of spiritual evolution. You are working in mental rapport with everyone of goodwill, in service to world evolution.

Making Connections

1) In mind and in heart, and with intention and will, align with Spiritual Purposes and with Higher Guidance.

2) In mind and in heart, link together & unite with all world evolutionary groups and everyone with goodwill towards humanity and the world. Feel linked together and united in spiritual power.

3) In mind and in heart, connect with all of humanity.

Affirming one’s self-intention

I seek to love
I seek to serve
I seek to heal
I seek to work within a Larger Purpose,
which is the spiritual evolution of humanity and the world.

Meditating with Visualisations and Seed Ideas
(both can work together)

Visualisations help bring Spiritual Energies into the world. Visualisations create a pathway & direct energies, from spiritual potentials to actualization & manifestation.

Visualise Light, Love, and Goodwill descending into humanity.
(Or visualize the manifestation of any great Spiritual Quality or Value)

Seed Ideas help bring Spiritual Ideas into the world.
Spiritual Ideas are what you believe is most important in life and in
the world. Spiritual Ideas and Qualities have more power when they are more clearly understood in our mind, because the Idea then resonates out with a clearer understanding.

Reflect on one of these Ideas (as world solutions)
– Love, Goodwill, and Cooperation
(Or meditate on another Spiritual Quality, Value, or Transforming Idea)
— Think about what the Idea really means,
    as well as its world effects and importance.


Close each meditation with a Sacred Sound (such as an OM or 3OMs),
along with a feeling of faith that these Spiritual Energies and Ideas have entered into humanity.
(though all people are free to either receive this or not).


Also see the online book Radiance Meditation